Hindu Arti puja

Hindu festivals are combinations of religious ceremonies, semi-ritual spectacles, worship, prayer, lustrations, processions, music and dances, eating, drinking, lovemaking, licentiousness, feeding the poor, and other activities of a religious or traditional character.

When the followers of gods and goddesses fast, they do not eat cereals, wheat and spices. Intake of several vegetables is also prohibited during vrat or Upvas. Fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts and milk products are among the most preferred eatables consumed while fasting or when breaking a fast.

To achieve this, it would be necessary to have uniform grammar, pronunciation and more common words.

If several languages coalesce, the grammar of the resulting language is more simple and regular than that of the individual languages. The new common language will be more simple and regular than the existing European languages.

It will be as simple as Occidental; in fact, it will be Occidental. To an English person, it will seem like simplified English, as a skeptical Cambridge friend of mine told me what Occidental is. The European languages are members of the same family.

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